Madrigal Bijoux création de bijoux

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Madrigal Bijoux création de bijoux
Madrigal Bijoux création de bijoux

Formerly a textile ennoblement of clothing - one of the finery of Renaissance and 17th century clothing seduction - lace now finds its letters of nobility in the new interpretations of the Madrigal b Brand, created by Sabine Halm.

A native of New Caledonia, Sabine, a textile designer and pearl mosaic artist, began a new life in France which seems to bring her closer to her great-great-grandmother, a lace-maker, and her ancestors, weavers since 1700.

"It is an ancestral know-how that I carry within me, like a mystical force that escapes me a little, but which is obvious" she says.

This technique of knotted lace, which is an intermediary between bobbin lace and needle lace, brings to light this final touch, which originally only embellished the neckline or sleeves of a ceremonial garment and which today finds new escapes.

Sabine talks about the dialogue of lace, between stitches, knots, network, line..., a silent but eloquent conversation.

This technique, served by a precise gesture and an exuberant imagination, borrows from several eras: very Art Deco for some pieces, vintage for others.

The lightness of the support as well as the style ennobles textiles and accessories and makes this lace look like a flowering liana that discreetly embraces the movement of the body.

Recognised by the profession, Sabine Halm takes part every year in the European Days of Crafts and Trades.

Her workshop, in Limousin, has joined the Ateliers d'art de France and the Pôle des Métiers d'Art du Limousin.

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