Céramics - 'Wax' workshop

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Céramics - 'Wax' workshop
Céramics - 'Wax' workshop

Christine Waxweiler's creations are made in stoneware and fired at 1280°. She is very sensitive to material and colour.

For many years, Christine Waxweiler has worked on old enamel recipes that she appropriated and then revisited. She has oriented this research towards her feelings, her emotions and her attraction to the material, the bubbling of the masses. This orientation is very personal, but gives birth to a new ceramic writing.

Her pieces are sculptures (discs, cubes...), wall panels or table art elements such as yunomis, small cups and chawans.

Sale at the workshop by appointment: call before coming.

Contact information

2 Chez Bonnet
Tel. : 05 55 76 76 22
Email : christine.waxweiler@atelierwax.fr

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