Rocky chaos 'Pot Bouillant'

'Pot Bouillant' is the name of a rocky chaos in which flows 'Benaize' river. 

Le Pot Bouillant Tourisme Haut Limousin

The 'Benaize' separates 'Vienne' region and 'Indre' region. The 'Benaize' river is developed in a green bed forming the lake of 'Mondon'. The river escapes from its confined waters becoming more tumultuous troughout gigantic granite rocks.

Don't miss a rocked shelter 'Pont du Loup' in which flint objects were deiscovered in the year 1960. To be seen also : the cross, 'Croix de la Paix', erected in the year 1871.

The 'Pot Bouillant' is a narrow swath in which 'Benaize' river falls in a beautiful environmental noise. 

You can discover 'Pot Bouillant' thoughout géocaching.