Gartempe River Valley

'Gartempe River Valley' flows through 'Haut Limousin'. This deep and clear river is listed 'Natura 2000' thanks to remarkable fauna and flora. 

Vallée de la Gartempe à Rancon Haut Limousin

"Gartempe River valley" is an anglers' favourite spot. With its lively, quick, clear and deep stream, the river discloses its wild temper. Its impetuous course steers its waters from deep gorges to grasslands and woodlands full of some miscellanneous fauna and flora.

Hiking paths lead you to discover those natural spots and protected species such as the yellow-bellied toad. Thanks to a reintroduction scheme, salmons (the Atlantic species) are present in its waters. The Valley of the 'Gartempe' has been settled by humans for donkeys years  and on its overlooking hillsides, several famous villages were built.