Must see places of Haut Limousin

The little mountain, 'Monts de Blond', the lake of 'Saint-Pardoux', 'Gartempe' and 'Benaize' the natural sites to see in Haut Limousin ! 

Lac de saint-Pardoux

Lake Saint-Pardoux

Lake Saint-Pardoux is an ideal site to enjoy outdour leisures with its 330 ha, three beaches for swimming, nautical activities and trails for hiking.

Vallée de la Gartempe à Rancon Haut Limousin

Gartempe River Valley

'Gartempe River Valley' flows through 'Haut Limousin'. This deep and clear river is listed 'Natura 2000' thanks to remarkable fauna and flora. 

Saut de la Brame

'Saut de la Brame' is a magical waterfall... listed with protected species.This gorgeous place is located in Thiat.

La Vallée de la Benaize en Haut Limousin

'Benaize' river

Benaize river winds its course  from Cromac to Jouac along its bed between rocks ans underbrush : 'Pont du Loup' and 'Pot Bouillant'. 

Le Pot Bouillant Tourisme Haut Limousin

Rochy chaos 'Pot Bouillant'

'Pot Bouillant' is the name of a rocky chaos in which flows 'Benaize' river.