Hiking trails in Haut Limousin

In Haut Limousin, hiking can become a walk, and walks lead you to discovery… Let the tracks lead you to your wishes…on your feet, on a bike or on horseback...

Chemin de Bonnefond

Hiking footpath | VAL D'ISSOIRE

Sentier de la Couze

Hiking footpath | SAINT PARDOUX LE LAC

Circuit 'le champ communal'

Hiking footpath | SAINT PARDOUX LE LAC

Itinéraire de la Croix Robert


Chemin de la Margoulette

Hiking footpath | MAGNAC LAVAL

Circuit de la lande de Frochet

Hiking footpath | VAL D'ISSOIRE | 05 55 68 34 64

Chemin du moulin du Pont

Hiking footpath | BERNEUIL

La traversée du Haut Limousin étape 1

Hiking footpath | VAL D'ISSOIRE

Circuit des Pouyades

Hiking footpath | MAGNAC LAVAL

la Traversée du Haut Limousin

Hiking footpath | VAL D'ISSOIRE

Sentier des Moines

Hiking footpath | MORTEMART | 05 55 68 12 11

Le sentier de Létrade

Hiking footpath | CHATEAUPONSAC

Circuit 'Le petit tour'

Hiking footpath | VAL D'OIRE ET GARTEMPE

Circuit 'Les Daumiers'

Hiking footpath | SAINT PARDOUX LE LAC

Sentier des Agnelles


Sentier Las Pentas

Hiking footpath | ARNAC LA POSTE

Le sentier de Chênepierre

Hiking footpath | CHATEAUPONSAC

Randonnée des vieux chênes

Hiking footpath | AZAT LE RIS

Le circuit des cîmes

Hiking footpath | BLOND

Balade à cheval Tourisme Haut Limousin

Equestrian leisures

Local enthusiasts welcome families, children, and groups for excursions on horseback, pony, pony and trap, or donkey. Beginner or experienced rider, for a hike, a ride or a lesson, in...

lande de frochet haut limousin

Protected areas

Moor lands covered with heather and valleys offers many protected areas with a rich ecological diversity. 

Geocaching Tèrra Aventura

Explore the Haut Limousin in a fun and original way via a high-tech, outdoor treasure hunt using a GPS or mobile-phone application. 


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