Legends and visits

Many authentic villages and places, old stones and legends to discover in Haut Limousin. 


Bellac, town of a true character

The birthplace of the famous writer Jean Giraudoux, who considered it to be the most beautiful town in the world, Bellac is a town of true character. The history of Bellac is told through its monuments. The church of Notre Dame, its 12th century enamelled relic chest, its medieval houses, its picturesque alleys, etc. Along the stagecoach footpath, you will encounter the memory of Jean de la Fontaine on the very spot where he was inspired to write his fable «The Coach and the Fly». Bellac also offers a multitude of cultural activities, and such leisure and relaxation options as theatre, mediatheque, cinema, water-sports centre... Guided tour from 10 personnes. Tel : 05 55 68 12 79 


Châteauponsac, « Pearl of the Gartempe  » 

Châteauponsac is located in a naturally preserved site which overlooks the Gartempe valley as well as the Semme valley. Locations of particular interest to the visitor include the church of St. Thyrse, the medieval quarter of les Moustiers with its ancient houses, and the Roman Way. In the heart of the old parts of the town, the former Benedictine priory houses a museum, the René Beaubérot ethnographic and archeologic museum, which has many exhibits depicting rural life in the Limousin in the 1900s, together with archeological and Gallo-Roman artefacts in the upper rooms. Numerous hiking paths will lead you to such unexpected peculiarities as the sacrificial stone... Guided tour from 10 personnes. Tel : 05 55 68 12 79


Le Dorat, classified "City of Character"  

Le Dorat is the capital of the ancient province of the Basse-Marche. As you explore the streets, you will discover the importance of this religious centre and former seat of learning, fortified in the C15th.Sites of note: the collegiate church of St Pierre, the Porte Bergère (sole fortified gate in the Haute-Vienne), gardens, vintage doors, the Robert-Lapeyrière fountain, the English garden, and the fortifications. Le Dorat is also renowned as the principal breeding centre of the Anglo-Arabian horse. Guided tour from 10 personnes. Tel : 05 55 68 12 79 


Montrol-Sénard, the authentic village of The Limousin 

This authentic village takes the visitor back to the rural life of former times via an architectural heritage that has been remarkably preserved by the inhabitants.  The « Nostalgie Rurale » itinerary evokes rural life at the start of the C20th in an authentic setting. The house known as « Chabatz d’Entrar », its cowshed, bakehouse, washhouse, pigsty, village oven, woodshed, village school, granary, clog-maker’s workshop, cobbler’s workshop, café « Café Nostalgie », barn, cider barn, smithy, grandmother’s garden, and exhibition of photos of the inhabitants of the village of « Lou Monterou ».  Open from May to October - free visits .  Guided tour from 10 personnes. Tel : 05 55 68 12 79 


Mortemart, listed as "One of The Most Beautiful Village in France"

It is the only village in the department to be listed as « One of the most beautiful villages in France ». It is famous for the remains of its glorious past. It offers an architecturally-imposing group of buildings remarkable for the purity of its lines. Information boards will lead you to the town’s various monuments: the château of the Dukes of Mortemart, the covered market (C18th), the convent of the Carmelite order with its monumental staircase (C17th), the convent of the Augustinian order whose chapel has become the parish church, and the former offices of the old tribunal. Guided tour from 10 personnes. Tel : 05 55 68 12 79.

Stones and legends 

"Circuit des mégalithes".

 Vestiges of the neolithic civilisation (4500-1800 B.C) abound in the Monts de Blond. Two tours, either on foot or by car, take the visitor to dolmens similar to those situated in Berneuil, as well as to standing stones, the most spectacular of which is in Cinturat. The  rosion of granite blocks has also shaped strange boulders which have become legendary stones: the oscillating boulder of Boscartus and the sacrificial stone. At the Rochers de Puychaud, a plaque dedicated to the writer Frédéric Mistral reminds us that we are in the land of Langue d’Oc (the old language of the South-West). Location : municipalities of Berneui, Blond and Cieux.


The Fraisse château

The Fraisse château of the C13th was a nobleman’s dwelling, and little of it remains today. It was burnt down in 1356 by the notorious Black Prince. After the Hundred Years War, it was rebuilt by Sieur Jacques des Monstiers. Known as the Old Château, this edifice  ccupies the right side of the complex of buildings that can be seen today. The main body of the complex, built in Renaissance style boasts a beautiful Henri II staircase. The great hall features a Serlio fireplace, on the lintel of which is a design of the château as it was in the C16th. Visit from May 1st to September 30th, open from 2 :00 p.m. to 6 :00 p.m., except Saturdays, which is by appoitment. Entrance fee. Informations : 05 55 68 32 68 - www.chateau-du-fraisse.com

The museum René Baubérot.

The museum,  is set up in a former Benedictine priory, is the 1st ethnographical and archeological museum in the Limousin region to present rich and varied displays of daily rural life in the 19th and 20th centuries : kitchen, young girls’ bedroom, joiner’s and basketmaker’s workshops. The lifelike and neatly.reconstituted scenes will show you life as it really was. Each summer, a new exhibition is put on in the museum’s annexe, the Maison du Terroir. From July 1st to September 15th: open daily from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. Low season : open on Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays from 2:00 to 6 :00 p.m. Closed between November 15th and April 3rd. Entrance fee. Informations :05 87 59 51 18 www.museechateauponsac.fr


Buddhist pagoda

Spread over 74 acres, the Buddhist retreat and study centre of Tung Lam Linh Son International has been installed at Rancon since 1986. The site consists of a main temple, a second, commemorative temple where the ashes of the dead are laid to rest, a library, and rudimentary lodgings for monks and lay followers. Vast outdoor green spaces, scattered with ponds, whose waters are covered with lotus plants in summer, are favourable to meditation in complete tranquility. Open every day, from 9:00 to 11:30 a.m and from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. Free access. Adress : Les Bosnages - 87290 Rancon - Tél : 05 55 60 21 60.

Land of legends

Many remains from the Neolithic period... Discover the mysteries of old stones of Haut Limousin.

Monts de Blond

'Monts de Blond' mountain is a natural site listed with unspoilt nature... Welcome in the mysterious country of legends.

Saut de la Brame

'Saut de la Brame' is a magical waterfall... listed with protected species.This gorgeous place is located in Thiat.

Le Pot Bouillant Tourisme Haut Limousin

Rochy chaos 'Pot Bouillant'

'Pot Bouillant' is the name of a rocky chaos in which flows 'Benaize' river. 

Vallée de la Gartempe à Rancon Haut Limousin

Gartempe River Valley

'Gartempe River Valley' flows through 'Haut Limousin'. This deep and clear river is listed 'Natura 2000' thanks to remarkable fauna and flora. 

Lac de saint-Pardoux

Lake Saint-Pardoux

Lake Saint-Pardoux is an ideal site to enjoy outdour leisures with its 330 ha, three beaches for swimming, nautical activities and trails for hiking.

Gastronomie en Haut Limousin


Haut Limousin is a gourmet break, a must do for everyone enjoying good food. Genuineness and love of the terroir have created a cuisine of good living and good food,...


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Haut Limousin is located in the region Nouvelle Aquitaine.

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