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To make your life easier, we offer you ways to get good food or a little treat.


Here you can find how to shop and support local initiatives. Producers and shops in Haut Limousin get organized to make your life easier. The Tourist Board Of  Haut Limousin and local newspaper « Mefia Te ! » have worked together to make this interactive map, on which you can find local initiatives.

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This map is continuously updated with information which are given to us.

Our restaurants concot you dishes

Proper meals, salads, burgers you have the choice to compose your take away meal. You just have to order to get served.

 Keeping on shopping at our local producers

A lot of markets are closed, but producers are organized : market gardeners, butchers, cheese makers are ready to deliver their products at your door, or welcome you at their farm.

 Supermarkets remain open

Security measures have been put in place and supermarkets, grocery stores are open with adapted opening times.

 You are a resident, a professionnal, then it is up to you !

Help us improve this map and let us now every relevant initiative ! We want to focus on the food side, so if you know a restaurant, a producer or a groupment of people organizing things to help residents, please contact us : info@tourisme-hautlimousin.com 

Mefia Te ! ... 

A newspaper talking about the North part of Haute-Vienne ?

Website :  Mefia Te !


Local markets

Choose plenty of local ans seasonal products on the markets.

Le Barronnet

Local producers

Haut Limousin has character: soft and harsh at the same time, it cultivates the art of « bien-manger » thanks to local products, lovingly cultivated, raised and processed such as...

Gastronomie en Haut Limousin


Haut Limousin is a gourmet break, a must do for everyone enjoying good food. Genuineness and love of the terroir have created a cuisine of good living and good food,...