Monts de Blond

'Monts de Blond' mountain is a natural site listed with unspoilt nature... Welcome in the mysterious country of legends ! 

Dolmen de Berneuil 87

If, as visitor, you come from the West, the granite massif of 'Monts de Blond' is the first mountain range of 'Massif Central' located on differents villages : Blond, Bussière-Boffy, Cieux, Mortemart, Montrol-Sénard, Vaulry.

This granite hill line holds several listed sites. The great amount of rivulets favours the existence of vast ponds like Cieux, Fromental or Boscartus into which they pour.

'Monts de Blond' spread out over a ten-kilometre distance towering over 100/200-metre-high plateaux. Their wooded hills whoses higest point rises at 514 metrescan boast a real mosaic of landscapes which are an ideal  setting favouring hiking and cycling.

With its ice-aged boulders, its weather-beatentocks ans its mégaliths , the area of 'Monts de Blond' is a land of legends ans mysteries where you will appreciate the quietness and the beauty of unspoilt landscapes. 

Le Pot bouillant

Must see places

The little mountain, 'Monts de Blond', the lake of 'Saint-Pardoux', 'Gartempe' and 'Benaize' the natural sites to see in Haut Limousin ! 

lande de frochet haut limousin

Protected areas

Moor lands covered with heather and valleys offers many protected areas with a rich ecological diversity.